September 3, 2021

Phonics on the Fridge

When I started teaching my kids to read, I had a one-page list of sounds. I put it on the refrigerator and used breakfast time to talk about phonics. 

It went something like this:

"This is the letter b (pointing or holding up a magnetic letter). It makes the sound /b/ as in boy. Can you find that letter on the cereal box?

Granted, I had been reading aloud to him since birth and pointing to words as I read them. We often discussed how the letters on the page told me what to say, so he was familiar with the concept of reading. 

Every morning we'd talk about letters and sounds and the words they make. That conversation would continue all day with new words he found in books, packages and toys. It was only a few months later that he was reading beginning books on his own, without any help. 

My other kids took more time and needed phonics games like those at Florida Center for Reading Research. My very favorite book was Games for Reading by Peggy Kaye. They also loved phonics workbooks from discount stores.

Now it's 25 years and a master's degree later, and I've recreated that phonics graphic to be more complete and organized. I've grouped like concepts together and color-coded them so you know which skills are typically taught in kindergarten, first grade and second grade. Third graders are expected to know enough phonics to move into word-level and sentence-level reading skills.

I hope you like it. I've started an Etsy shop to sell my downloads. To get 50% off Phonics on the Fridge, use this link and the discount will appear at checkout. 

Let me know what you think!

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