July 5, 2014

I just found this TED Talk from a 13 year old student who has been freed from public school to follow his interests and his learning style. Love it! Also, check out Sir Ken Robinson for more reasons why interest-led learning makes so much sense.


Simocha said...

Thanks. That was inspiring to watch.

Ms. Anita said...

Thank you for posting this, Jena. I know it was a couple of years ago. For some reason, I received an email update from your blog today (January 6, 2016) even though you've not posted anything new to your blog in quite some time. I'm grateful that I did, so that I could see this video and once again be inspired about interest-led learning. As a former homeschool mother who strived (and aspired) to guide my children in an interest-led environment, my heart will always hold a flame for this type of learning. So again, thank you.

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