September 30, 2012

Unschooling after College

Peter and Missa
Peter graduated from college in June, and now that it's September, I asked him if he was homesick for college. Does he wish he was starting school instead of heading off to work everyday? He said no, he's glad he is done with college and can get back to learning again. Ha! I asked him to explain and he said that he's glad he can choose what he wants to learn, at his own pace, and in his own way. Spoken like a true unschooler! He is currently learning computer programming. He's taking a course over the internet, one of those open source classes from Stanford, I think he said. He loves it and thinks maybe this is the career he wants to pursue.

Meg is still in India. I miss her and wish she would come home soon, but she is happy and feeling more at home there as she teaches English to children. Missa is into her first semester as a college freshman, living three hours away in her own apartment with a friend. I really miss our years together, but I am so proud of them and continue to marvel at their accomplishments, if only from afar.


thetysonfamily said...

Wow, Jena!! Your family continues to inspire me and help me break out of the homeschooling box I keep foolishly trying to climb into. ;) I cannot tell you how much your advice and the lives of your children have encouraged me. Thank you so very much, and keep writing! :) Love to you all!!

Anonymous said...
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