July 15, 2012

Parenting from Afar

Homeschooling invades your personal space...all day long...every day. If you want to homeschool, you must not mind having your kids around that much, and most of us would probably say we like it.

The Fam about 10 years ago, including Missa's friend Spot
So what's it like to finally have your kids move out of the house and begin their adult lives? Culture shock. Extreme culture shock. But I've been working on easing the transition since 2008 when Peter moved away to college. For one, I started this blog in an attempt to capture all the memories and all the lessons I've learned. I also started graduate school to get my teaching certificate up to date and hopefully add a masters degree. That's been keeping me busy and giving me a new focus.

Missa (18), Meg (20), Peter (22), June 2012
Meg moving to India has been harder than I expected. She's been gone almost a month, and we try to communicate every day. Hearing her struggles and not being able to do much about it has been hard. But I do thank God for the Internet. At least we can talk through things in real time. I remember spending three weeks in Hong Kong in the mid 1980s, and it was basically a communication blackout. I feel old saying this, but my, how times have changed! We've even figured out how to use Google+ and get everyone's face online talking at once!

She passed out in the market one day, and that really scared me. She was with a friend who caught her and got her home, but that was a particularly trying time for Ole Mom. Then there was the night she didn't get online as usual, and this led to a very long day for me, waiting to hear from her in the evening (which is her morning). She's starting to feel more comfortable over there, and I'm starting to relax about her being there.

Missa (who moved to Chicagoland this summer) texts me every day. Peter, on the other hand, doesn't communicate as often, but he's a boy, right? I'm glad to say that even though we're moving into this new stage of life, we are all still close...in heart...if not in square footage.


Unknown said...

With a 9, 7 and 4 yr old I cannot even imagine. I know the time will come faster than I know it. Such strength to love and let go. Thank goodness for technology.

Erin J said...

I so appreciate you sharing about this. It's been so hard to adjust to having and parenting and homeschooling/unschooling them all. But now I am just beginning to love it. I know I have limited years until I'm standing where you are, and another huge change. You've inspired me as I've defined our Christian unschooling journey, and I'm also inspired that when it's time to move on, I'll be able to make that change too. Thanks for sharing your life and your heart with us. :)

Lynn B said...

Hi Jena! Where you are... scares me so much... I hate pain and I know it's coming! I can imagine how much pride you must feel, though, for your amazing kids. They really are so unique and amazing! Roots and wings, right?

I am glad to be able to read here again. You are so kind to maintain this space and share the new adventures of your family! I often send people here who have questions about unschooling because your family has been an inspiration to me. We ourselves have been through some big ups and downs, so I'm grateful to have unschooling which keeps our family close. The years are so short. Blessings to all of you ~

Jena said...

Thanks everybody. You know, I have discovered that writing this blog is my therapy! After a pretty sporadic year, I'm glad to be back at it. :)

kjogo said...
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kjogo said...

Oh, I remember well the homesickness I felt being on the other side of the world from my family. I also remember the exact sound that AOL made as it was trying to connect to the internet, and how sad I was when no connection was established. I'll be praying for you all, and we will "drop" Meg a note on her blog.
Thanks for sharing your continued journey!

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