October 20, 2011

My Two Seniors

OK, this isn't the greatest picture of me and what is Missa doing with her hands? But Peter looks cute. We're sitting on the window seat in his new dorm room. He is officially a senior (I mean a 4th Year) at the University of Chicago. He thinks he might want to find a job after graduation and give himself some time to decide if he wants to go to graduate school. Missa is a senior in high school and wants to go to college in the Chicago area. She still wants to go into law enforcement. Meg is a sophomore in college and still really loving her coursework in Family Services.

Me? I am half way through my second semester of graduate school. I am learning a lot about the realities of public school. Lots and lots of testing. Kids are tested and tested and tested, and teachers are supposed to get them up to a certain level every year. Yikes. I am so glad we had the option to learn at home.


JoVE said...

You are all looking great. And I strongly support Peter's plan to work before considering grad school. So many of the grad students I have come across on VersatilePhD.com and in my own Conscious Careers course (www.joandjulie.com) are in despair because the academic labour market is so bad and they have no idea what else they can do. They are so embedded in academia that the outside world is scary.

Other experience can give perspective. And a sense of going to grad school for a reason.

Anonymous said...

congrats- wow, how time flies...

Traci said...

good to hear from you! Sounds like a super busy year for you all. One of the reasons I left teaching was all of the testing. Good luck!

Kerry said...

SO great to see and hear updates about you and the kids!! Thanks so much for sharing, Jena! I would love to hear more about what you are learning about the testing stuff...a full blog post/article soon??

Sarah_Joy said...

Thanks for the update! I'd love to hear more about how your professors and classmates are responding to your style of educating. I hope they're ears are open because public education needs more of what you have to offer!

Congrats to your two seniors. My husband also worked between undergrad and grad. Not only did he pay of all of his debts, but he really knew what he wanted to pursue at the end of his time working.

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