January 6, 2011

Staying Healthy with the Five W's

When the kids were younger, staying healthy was a constant battle. With five people in the house, it was rare to all be sniffle-free at the same time. One day I decided to make this important concept easy to remember. I thought through my advice list and realized they all started with W! (well, sort of...)

How to Stay Healthy

1. Wash your hands often.
2. Stay Warm.
3. Drink plenty of Water.
4. Take your Witamins everyday.
5. Get plenty of West.

Once in a while I remind them of my five W's and they just roll their eyes.Yesterday Missa wanted me to share it with a friend of hers and we all busted out laughing! Laughter is good medicine, you know. We couldn't remember #2, so she texted Peter and Meg. It became quite the topic of conversation. When I finally remembered, I decided to blog about it so I can have a permanent record and let you in on the secret to staying healthy. :)


Rana said...

Love it! I will have to remember this one.

gina said...


Anonymous said...

All Wonderful points. We don't take vitamins here though... just never have. And knock on wood we haven't been more sick than stuffy noses in a long time.

Amber said...

Perfect. For those that don't take witamins...then you could use Eat WELL?

Jena said...

Hey Amber, that's perfect! Thank you. :)

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