July 28, 2010

Rethinking Education

Have you ever been plowing through life, doing what needs to be done, not unhappy, but just moving forward--then BAM!--something touches your heart, brings a tear to your eye, quickens your heart rate, and you realize, THIS IS WHAT I LOVE.

That happened to me tonight. I visited a friend's blog where I found a post about Ken Robinson's video. I wrote about his last video and was curious about this one.

It reminded me why I homeschooled my three and why I am so passionate about education. If you have a few minutes, sit back and be inspired. This is Ken Robinson, "Changing Education Paradigms."

 I really want to read his books:

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative


Embejo said...

Love love this man. (In only the most appropriate way) Thanks for this..I've enjoyed his other videos.

kerry said...

Thank you so much! I hadn't heard of him before. So inspiring! We are new to homeschooling, we have decided not to send our kids back to school in the fall and are just starting to tell family and friends about our decision. These videos will be so helpful when trying to explain to concerned loved ones why we are making the choices we are.

Traci said...

Great video! His message really needs to be embraced by the education community!

Ally said...

So beautiful! Thank you. As a homeschooling Momma, I very much needed to hear this tonight. ;-)

Hannah said...

Ken Robinson's TED talks are my favorites, possibly because they've been known to make me belly laugh behind the steering wheel!

Karen said...

Thanks for the bloggy love! I have a post from Susan at The Expanding Life waiting to go up at the Cafe, so stay tuned...

BTW, I recently finished Ken Robinson's book, The Element, which is about how to inspire and/or squash creativity. It's a good read if you need to justify getting out of a kid's way and letting him or her learn.


Teetho said...
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Unknown said...
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