June 2, 2010

Straw + Berries

It's strawberry season here in Central Illinois, and the girls and I went-a-pickin' last week. Melissa said it was more fun than her farming video game. Glad to hear.

Melissa said she liked strawberry picking so much, she was going to quit her job and become a full time strawberry picker. If she had a job, that is.


Hannah said...

What fun! We did the same thing a few weeks ago and your post looks similar to mine -- at least the photos. If you lived closer, I'd think we went to the same place! I guess strawberry patches don't vary greatly in appearance -- they're all luscious and beautiful. Hurray for homemade jam!

Rana said...

We are hoping to go strawberry picking in the next couple of weeks. Looks like you all had a great time. I wish I knew how to can. My Nana used to can peaches, pears, green beans, and tomatoes. It was such a treat to eat.

G.Dowell said...

Oh Jena...what fun! Looks like you will have some yummy spread for toast or PB sandwiches during the next year.

Ms. Anita said...

Oooh, that jam looks delicious! :)

Amy said...

How fun! I love hearing about what you and your kids are up to. Have a good weekend!

Karen said...

We look forward to strawberry season with great anticipation, they're the first of the local summer fruits, and sooooo good!
I got to go picking last week, picked nearly fifteen pounds in a few hours, mostly for feasting-by-the-handful, and I froze five pounds or so.
In the next few weeks, I hope to pick lots more, make jam and pies, start getting ready for winter.
Thanks for sharing, your berries and jam look yummy...

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