May 7, 2010

A High School Senior's Advice

Our local high school is open to homeschoolers taking classes, so all three of our kids have taken choir. Last night was Meg's final choir concert.

They always do a little tribute to seniors with baby pictures and special gifts, and the seniors also get to write up a little "good bye" and leave advice for those left behind.

As Meg was walking across the stage, someone read her information over a microphone--parents names, achievements, best memory, career plans, etc. When they got to her advice, here's what she said:

Don't let school crush your joy of learning. 

That's my girl! Go, Meg!!


Amy said...

Way to go, Meg! Your kids are great Jena.
My oldest son, 18, is preparing through our local community college to take his GED in another week, and so far on all of the pre-tests he has only missed 1-2 questions. I think it has been a confidence booster for him to see that he has learned along the way of us being unschoolers.
It's great to watch our kids grow up and turn into wonderful young men and women. :)

~beautyandjoy~ said...


I am so grateful to have found you and have your voice in my life. It is such a huge encouragement. Not just what you do but how you do it.

So grateful.

Chris said...

To say this publicly in a school environment......AWESOME!

Jena said...

All the kids in choir loved it. :) Not sure what the teachers thought. It was a complete surprise to me. I about fell out of my chair!

Hannah said...

I'd say you've done a very effective job of passing along your values!

Monique said...

Ditto from everything said by beautyandjoy...feel the same way!

Lynn B said...

I love this! I hope my kids will be as confident and happy when they are finishing high school :)

Your blog has been wonderfully helpful to me. I'm sorting out my homeschooling ideas and recently posted on unschooling on my blog. I have links to several of your posts in my sidebar. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! I have little ones still. My oldest is only seven and I have a 15 month old son. Learning takes place naturally in our home through the course of our every day lives. As soon as I felt lessons were coerced, I chucked them for a more natural project-based approach. If anyone asks my daughter what she loves to learn about she will tell you science, sewing, cooking, butterflies, and anything having to do with American Girl. It's always such a great conversation starter that I thought I'd ask the same of my nephews who are homeschooled in the most traditional way possible. All three of them responded in the exact same way. "I don't know. I hate school. I don't know what I like to learn. I just want to finish school, so I can do other things." And they REALLY wanted me to change the subject. This made me so sad for them and their parents because they don't know what a joy learning can be.

Jena said...


That is a great point. Homeschooling itself is not a gaurentee your kids will grow up loving to learn. It's HOW you homeschool, protecting that natural love of learning--that's the key. Thanks for bringing this up!

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Love that advice! And to answer your question (ty for visiting!), yes, we are leaning toward homeschooling. We're trying to figure out how to make everything work financially, but we have a vibrant HS community & lots of HS'ing friends, so it feels very natural :)
I would *love* to feature some guest posts from you & your children about HS'ing - I'm going to figure out how to contact you to discuss further!

Jena said...

Hey Dionna,

Thanks for stopping by! I wish blogger attached emails to comments. Anyone know how to do that?

My email is

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