April 21, 2010

How I Keep Records in Our Homeschool

I have post up today at SimpleHomeschool called Record Keeping for Interest Led Learners. We all need to keep records and be ready to give an account of our homeschool. It's illegal to neglect your child's education, and if you follow more of an "unschooling" or "interest led" approach, you might LOOK neglectful. But hey, prove them wrong! Keep track of everything and keep evidence. And if you need to report to a school authority every year, recording keeping has to be even more organized.

In that post, I ask readers to comment on their chosen record-keeping method. I hope you'll add your two-cents-worth!

After reading some comments at Simple Homeschool, Joni suggested a resource that looks perfect (for my style, anyway). It's called A Record of the Learning Lifestyle by Charlene Notgrass. Here's a sample page (click to enlarge):

Each child could have their own notebook (they have different covers to choose from!) and this could be a little educational diary. I love it.


Rana said...

I checked out the link. I like this. We don't have to keep a record, but I like to keep a journal of what we do every week just for my own purposes. This could be very handy. Thanks for sharing this. I'm headed over to Simple homeschool to read your article.

Erin J said...

I agree that record-keeping is essential. Because my state doesn't require formal records (yay!) I am free to do it however I wish. So far this has taken the form of a private blog that Hubby and I both update.

I find it helpful on so many levels, the main one being my own amazement when I read back over entries I made a year ago and realize how much learning has happened since then!

Karen said...

Here in Massachusetts, we do need to report every year, and when I was first contemplating unschooling I felt like there was no way to keep records that would be acceptable for the town. They were looking for tables of contents for all the books we would be using during the coming YEAR, when I wasn't sure what books we'd use in the coming week!

I settled on keeping very accurate records of every book my sons read in the course of a week, and then any activities that they take part in. It's very informal, but it works for us.

I've enjoyed going back over these records when reporting time comes around, because it hits me what a full year it's been, and I really can see the growth and development in my boys.

Thanks for this post Jena!

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