February 12, 2010

If Video Games Were Like Schools...

My friend Topsy Techie always has interesting things to say, and I have her to thank for linking to "What if Video Games were like School?" A fun article!

Here's an excerpt:
...if video games were like schools, they would be incredibly de-motivating for most no matter how interesting their topic. Just imagine. You have cleared a maze of enemies perhaps. Sorry, you can’t advance because it’s not the predetermined time when you are allowed to yet. Or sorry, you cannot level up or advance to another challenge until everyone in your randomly assigned cohort has done so as well. You say you’ve been through the challenge 5 times already and mastered it? That’s nice but sorry...

And you couldn't wear antigravity suits either.

So glad we educate in our own galaxy.

(yes, that's Missa)


Ms. Anita said...

Wow! This makes me miss homeschooling/unschooling soooo much! Thanks for sharing the cute photo! :)

Karen said...

Missa is just awesome. I mean, what else can you say?

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