January 12, 2010

The Value of Home Movies

My kids were little back in the day when taking home movies meant borrowing a behemoth of a machine to rest on your shoulder. We sure couldn't afford one, but there was always someone, somewhere willing to lend us theres, especially for special events like birthdays.

Being overly sensitive to the fact that time passes too quickly, I made sure we had stacks of VHS tapes labeled for each child. Now I am reaping the benefits. The kids have been spending their evenings in the basement, watching old home movies! (This probably started because we don't have cable TV and they are out of money to rent movies). When they come upstairs, I've noticed more hugs and appreciation for our family. Aw... That's priceless in a home full of teenagers.


Traci said...

Good reminder. I have an old vhs recorder and my camera takes movies also. I really need to take more!

Rana said...

That's sweet. My kids are 6 and they like to watch themselves when they were babies on video. Now I can record them on my digital camera. I need to do this more often too.

Anonymous said...

My boys love watching them too...especially the ones from vacations...it's like they get to take them all over again!

Lori said...

That is really cool.

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