January 22, 2010

Caught in the Act

Meg is in her last semester of homeschooling. She is accepted into college and is happily pursuing her interests. Just the other day I caught her reading Lorraine Monk's Photographs That Changed the World,and I realized that this is a perfect way for an artsy child to connect with history. Images and Emotion. And it also reminded me that humans are naturally hungry for knowledge, and we parents need to keep rich resources at their fingertips.

What have you caught your child doing lately?


Erin J said...

I caught mine coloring an analog clock with accurate numbers and a specific time. I did not know she knew how to do that... she is only five!

Your daughter is gorgeous! And what a great book too.

Jackie said...

I always catch my five year old counting every thing she can. She is trying to bring order to her world somehow.
I got my son The Picture History of Great Inventors. That is a good way for him to learn history because he loves knowing who invented what.

Rana said...

I caught my twins(6) having a spelling contest. They were trying to quiz each other on the words they are learning.

JoVE said...

Freya (12) borrowed her dad's computer and recorded 6 songs she had written, burned them to CD and gave them to her friends.

Karen said...

My two have been building really cool things with legos lately, dolphins, and old-fashioned telephones, and Star Wars ships. It's been fun to see what's going on in their heads get translated into legos.
That's great for Meg, congrats on college!

Traci said...

I catch my six year old counting to 100 a lot! My nine year old is working on a story on the computer and she wants to work on it all the time!

Anonymous said...

H-T is busily at work on a story -- a book, actually. I don't know how long he will continue on it, but it is so cool to watch a kiddo with dyslexia attempting to write an actual book!!!

Anonymous said...

I caught my child reading The Betsy-Tacy Companion, which was my Christmas present! But that's okay---I don't mind sharing. : )

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