January 28, 2010

Cabin Fever, Anyone?

Yes, it's cold outside, at least here in Central Illinois. Tonight we are due to hit eight degrees. That's pipe-freezing weather, and we live in a huge 100-year-old church building with six bathrooms and two kitchens. We don't heat the whole place, but on nights like this, we heat it just enough to keep the water moving in those pipes!

Our main source of heat is ventless gas logs. That incredible radiator under the window is no longer in use except for extra seating and a drying rack. We have several "fire places" set up around the building that have a nice flame and great heat. I love to sit close to the fire and knit on cold days. Last winter I knit hats and scarves and gloves, but this winter I've been too distracted with other things.

But today, I've been inspired to get out my needles again. Stone Age Techie recently learned to knit and she's going crazy with little projects for her boys. The most recent one is felted wool slippers. I LOVE those things. They are creating great memories, skidding around the house in those handmade toe-warmers, knit with love by their mom.

I'm wondering what you all are doing to chase away cabin fever this winter. I'm dreaming about felting again. :)


my knitting blog (neglected, though it is)
using a butter churn to felt wool


abba12 said...

Wow, I'd love to see pictures of your converted church house! I'd love to live in an old building like that!

renee @ FIMBY said...

after an unseasonably warm stretch here in Maine I'm happy to have the thermometer dip down to 9. Feels like winter again, now we just need some more snow.

Traci said...

I'll have to check out stone age techie's knitting. I'm working on some fingerless mitts right now. Or as soon as I get off of here. It is beginning to snow here in TN. Pandemonium has begun. They don't do snow here! No plows to speak of and tons of hills. Not a good combo.

Todd Taylor said...

i should totally be counting blessings just now... done.

now i'm moving on, to sending warm blessings your way... also done.

now thanking you for the post-- thanks-- and reminding you that the cabin walls are only subject to your own perception's boundaries; aka, a good time to let loose your beautiful imagination. it's only as unreal as we make it!

of course, thinking outside the box may best be done with a blanket and such...

Chris said...

I've loved reading your blog so far, I think I've read every post, but I've never commented before. I have twins, a boy and girl who are three and a half. I love reading blogs by unschoolers who have children much older than mine. It gives me a glimpse into other unschoolers lives, and I've read so many amazing unschooling blogs showing the incredible things some children have done when they are free to follow their own interests and gifts. Your children are certainly no exception!

We've been going to a ton of museums this month (it's free month for most of the museums in Chicago an we live 15 minutes outside the city limits), and frequenting inflatable play places and indoor playgrounds. We've also had a fun time playing in the snow, even for short periods of time.

Thanks again for your blog and the fablous resources and tips you've shared.

Erin J said...

We live in a 90-year-old house but the idea of living in a converted church sounds absolutely charming! I'm with the previous commenter! I'd love pictures. Or if you have a post on it already maybe you could point me to it?

Karen said...

Hey Jena,
Thanks for the linky love :-)
I remember you felting those iPod pouches, but I didn't understand the role that the butter churn played. After hand-felting with a sink plunger in my tub, I totally get it!
Even if we had a top-loading washing machine, I'd still hand-felt because, as you say in your butter churn post, it makes me feel strangely one with the universe.
Happy felting -

Anonymous said...

The pic of the wintry accessories on your radiator was worth the stop-in all on its own! So cozy looking!!! We're snowed in, so we'll just have to live with the cabin fever for now!

Jena said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for your great comments. I plan to do a post about our church-house soon. There are a couple posts under the label "I live in the church," but I think it's time for a more complete look at our digs. :)

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