August 27, 2009

Pets Welcome at School

The other day Meg was watching her Teaching Company lectures with her bunny. As I walked through the room, I stopped and said, "How many high school seniors can bring their bunnies to psychology class?" She smiled and said, "Only one."

She is really loving these DVDs, by the way. Her favorites are Psychology of Human Behavior and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Teaching Company lectures are given by college professors, and we've used many of them over the years. Some are better than others, and the prices are high unless you wait for them to go on sale. But overall, they are great because they expose your high schooler to what a college lecture will be like. Meg is taking notes and pausing the DVD when she needs to write something down. I told her to try to take notes without pausing because that's what real life is like. But there is also value in pausing and getting a good handle on the material. That will make it easier for her when she encounters the same topic in college. I suggested she try to take notes on a lecture without stopping about once a week, just for note-taking practice, but she can always go back and listen to it again.

Because I love The Teaching Company so much, and because we use them and I write about them, I got into their affiliate program. So, if you click on this Teaching Company link and end up buying something from them, they will send me a small percentage of your purchase. Just thought you should know. :)

I don't buy lectures unless my kids ask for them and are really interested in the topic. Meg is considering going into psychology as a career, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art lecture will go along with a visit to New York in the Spring. Senior trip!

MIT also has college lectures online for free. That's a wonderful resource. Check them out too. Here's the link.

And Peter reminded me about UC Berkley's free online lectures here.

picture: The fluff ball at the other end of the couch is our little Maltese dog. Yes, she's a full grown runt.


Amy said...

Have you used their history lectures? I have the early American history and world history on VHS...yes, we still own a VCR!
My youngest son who will be a freshman has decided to only take a few classes at the h.s. and still homeschooling his core subjects. We signed him up today and he will take automotive, spanish and theater. So, I thought I'd use these history tapes and then get an algebra program. Any suggestions for algebra that kids have liked?
Glad to see you back, hope you had a good summer.

Jena said...

Hi Amy,

Yes, we've used their history lectures. We've done the one on Hitler and the Renaissance and one on the 20th Century, and a pre-Renaissance one. Your son's classes sound perfect--those are harder subjects to homeschool, my kids say. :) Peter could never get a handle on foreign language on his own. So if you don't have a group to help out, the public school can be a good (free) alternative.

About Algebra, we have really liked Teaching Textbooks. It's designed for homeschoolers. I also got a teacher's edition to a regular textbook and taught from that, but the kids like to work as independently as possible at this age. :)

Amy said...

Thanks Jena! We tried TT last year and he really didn't like it. Every child is different huh?
I do have my older sons Saxon algebra book and may just buy the CD for it and us that. Saxon was never my favorite, but my oldest seemed to have a good grasp on algebra after using it so I'll probably try it with my youngest since I have it.

Susan said...

I like to download the audio versions and listen to them in the car with the kids. The downloads are really quite reasonable. Lucky girl and bunny--that's a nice way to learn.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget UC Berkley lectures, Mom!

(Change semesters in the corner for more classes.)


Jena said...

Hi Amy, yes! Downloads are great. Peter put them on an MP3 player and walked around listening to something all the time.

And hi Peter. :) Thanks for the reminder about UC Berkley. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bunny/Maltese lecture sessions! Where can I sign up for those??

Anonymous said...

We love the teaching company and have many of their lectures both on DVD and audio download. My ds 13 is dyslexic and listening to their lectures is a main part of his relaxed curriculum. He has been listening to their science and history courses for two years

My ds 16 has used many of their courses to prepare for CLEP exams and has been able to accrue 63 college courses with the help of their lectures.

My dd 16 loves the English and art courses. She is presently listening to a course on Shakespeare and recently finished the course on the Impressionists.


Are you able to get a percentage back at any time? We buy new course on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...


I mean my ds has accrued 63 college CREDITS taking CLEP exams after watching the Teaching Company lectures.


Jena said...

Hi Mary,

I'm so glad to hear your kids have had such great success with the Teaching Company courses! I was wondering about the Shakespeare one.. I bet Meg would like it. And the Impressionists too.

I'll put a permanent link/banner for the Teaching Company on my sidebar so anytime anyone wants to order from them, if they click on my link here on my blog, I'll get credit for it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have a set of cassette tapes we haven't used yet: The Philosophy of Religion. I'm anxious to start it. I'll keep you in mind if I buy anything else.

Karen said...

They have a math one that looks interesting, if we purchase it I'll be sure to start from your link :-)

Love the bunny on the couch!

G.Dowell said...

Love being able to do school with the pets. Our "outside" cat knows when school starts for us...she is at the door meow-ing to come in...and we let her.

Teaching Copmany DVD's are good we've done a few. What is your fav.?

Wandering Educators said...

i love - they've got amazing stuff, all for free.

Inspector Clouseau said...

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