August 20, 2009

And so it begins...

Another school year is upon us. Now I realize that unschoolers don't really start school at any particular time because learning never stops or starts and life goes on seamlessly from one season to the next. But, we also live in a culture where SCHOOL STARTS IN AUGUST. It's impossible to miss if you ever leave your house to go shopping. Back to School sales, school buses...etc. So my kids and I began to see August or September as a time of new beginnings. I would usually think through all their interests and needs, and come up with ways to mesh the two. Maybe they needed to sign up for a class here or there, or take lessons, or audition for a play. August has always been a time of reassessment and planning.

Melissa has now started her second year of public high school (they start really early around here) and Meg is facing her last year of homeschool. Peter is in Chicago, waiting for the end of September when his second year of college begins. Melissa is doing great. She's running with the cross country team and taking classes all day. Meg is a little bored. She had a wonderfully busy summer, working at our local theatre, running spotlights and working with costumes. But that just ended, and she's taking one class at the high school (choir) and that's about it!

Well, that's not exactly true. Like I said, it's the season of new beginnings. Meg is my only homeschooled child at the moment, and here is what we have lined up:

*She's working through a consumer math textbook.
*She's watching two DVDs from The Teaching Company. One is an introductory course on psychology, and the other is a guided tour through the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. That last one is turning out to be a survey of world history through art. I imagine having a great senior trip to NYC to visit the museum!
*She'll be reading The Grapes of Wrath (I just gave it to her today after she asked for some literature to read).
*She's in the high school choir and their girls A Capella group that practices twice a week.
*She'll soon be taking dance lessons and preparing for the Spring musical.
*Other things we haven't thought of yet.

So Meg is in transition, and even though she has a lot lined up, not everything has fully started yet. That's OK. It's good to learn how to handle life during the boring times. Things will get busy soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Yet another homeschool senior?? Yikes!! It's all going way too fast for me...

Todd Taylor said...

seriously. we've been barraged out and about with "are you kids ready for school to start again?" and such.

i wish i could interject the tone here-- it's not always an exciting one-- but the usual reply is "it never stops," and i quickly jump in with a smiling "learning and adventure doesn't need a break."

then my kids roll their eyes and add, "so are we in 3rd or 5th or what now?"

i guess 4 "field trips" to the grocery store and stuff isn't quite what my students were gunning for. we have fun, though.

Traci said...

The whole summer has been jammed packed here and it doesn't slow down this month. Emma has a choir audition tomorrow. Choir at church has begun. 4H started and Emma is VP of her Cloverbuds! Bella starts Daisys next month. Some of our books are still in transit. I was really hoping for them to arrive today but oh well.

Fanny Harville said...

Hi Jena,
Just wanted to say that I am glad your blog break is over!

Karen said...

It's become a time of new beginnings for us too, with another season of pick-up baseball, a library class on paleontology, park days starting up again... feels like we've had a nice break, and now we are ready to get serious again.
Best of luck to your gang as they move into the busy season!

Amy said...

Yay, glad you are back!

I will be back to homeschooling also. My youngest son (14) was going to enroll in our local high school and as of today has excitedly decided to keep homeschooling while taking a couple classes at the h.s.

My oldest (17) is going to take the GED and start community college classes in January.

Life changes, but all good.
Sad that summer is coming to a close, but honestly excited about the fall and the hope and promises it will bring for a new season of life.

diane said...

As always, related to and loved reading your post. thanks for sharing!!

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