May 13, 2009

Let's Wrap it Up

The school year is coming to a close and I've decided to put my blog aside for awhile. But to tie up some loose ends, here you go:

Melissa has loved her freshman year at the public high school. She got straight A's first semester, and with only about 10 days left, she's got solid A's in every class. She played basketball and was on the track team. She sees the problems with the traditional school system, but she's willing to "play the game" and so far, I see that it's working for her. This summer she'll go back to Mexico for a couple weeks.

Meg will probably take some community college classes next fall as she enters her senior year of high school. This will give her some general education courses to take with her to college. She is still undecided about a major, but it will probably have something to do with theater.

Peter is finishing up his first year at the University of Chicago. It's been a wonderful year and I couldn't be happier for him. He plans to stay up there this summer and to keep working with the public school system. His ultimate goal is to be a professor of history or philosophy or the history of philosophy and science, or...He should be the one blogging!

Keep in touch. You can talk to me by leaving a comment or emailing. I'll always take questions, so feel free. And don't be surprised if I post once in awhile. I love talking about education!


Anonymous said...

We'll definitely miss you on have the best stories and advice. And don't be surprised if I take you up on your "phone advice" business as we begin our unschooling adventure. Enjoy your summer!!!

Amy said...

Gonna miss reading new blog entries from you, but certainly understand the need for a break. I appreciate all the encouragement and help you have given me, and much of it was done just through the words you write on your blog. Wish you well and can't wait until you're back! :)

Unknown said...

I definitely understand the need for a blogging break, Jena, but I have to say that I will miss you! YOur blog is one of my regular reads, and I always come away with new knowledge or a better understanding of something and/or many times a smile in my heart when I really need it.
I hope you enjoy your summer, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in person at the talk in July.

Kim said...

Don't stay gone long! I always look forward to reading your thoughts. And when I get stressed about our homeschool journey, I think, "What would Jena do?" =)


Dana said...

You will definitely be missed, Jena! I love your posts and refer to back to them often.

Enjoy your break!

Todd Taylor said...

Reckon we'll just hafta peruse yer dandy lil' archive fer a while... Mighty fine, but just fer a wee bit, all righty?

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you. Enjoy your time off.

Ruralmama said...

I too will be plumbing the archives. Visit sometime! :-)

Traci said...

I understand wanting to take a break! Don't be gone too long! My friend and I were talking about what needs to be finished for the year. We have some math to finish and some little workbook I got out of insecurity about writing! LOL
A friend of mine GAVE me core 1 and 3 from Sonlight. Not all of the books but the schedules and some of the books. So I guess we aren't unschooling this year. But that is always up for debate since I may or may not follow the schedule!
Have a good break! Talk to you soon!

Joyful Days said...

Sounds like a fantastic year for everyone.

Have a marvelous break. Renew & refresh.


Jena said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for such nice comments! It's going to be hard to NOT post for awhile. But I'm cheating a little. I'm adding things to old posts as I think of them. I guess I'm editing what I already have. I hope you continue to find my stuff useful and tell your friends to come read about us. :)

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