January 8, 2009

Back to Our Arts High School

What a great Christmas break! And I took quite a break from my blog. But now it's January and time to get down to business. January means auditions and applications to summer programs. I learned this last year when I tried to get Meg into things but was too late. So right around New Years I started searching and taking notes on deadlines. I discovered that our state has a theater festival for public and private schools, but the festival is this weekend, so of course, I'm too late again. BUT, she has one more year of high school, so I plan to stay on top of things and get her in next year. She'll be a senior and they'll have college auditions. Perfect.

I also found a state-wide professional audition that takes place in early February. We were days away from that deadline, so I contacted a photographer friend of mine and she came over and took some great shots. We got one printed, a resume glued on back (I later realized we could just print it on sticker paper), and mailed it off. She got an audition time (!) and now we have to print 50 head shots and resumes for all the reps at the audition. She is thrilled!

The area children's theater is also gearing up for it's spring musical, so that audition is in a couple weeks. Drama and voice lessons start again, and we need to decide about summer programs, but I think we should wait until the big audition is over to see if she gets any summer jobs.

Besides dance, drama, and voice, she's back to regular "school" things like reading literature (Wuthering Heights--perfect for the dramatic teenager) and reviewing math and science. Those Nova programs Peter watched over break are really wonderful, so she's been watching those too. Oh, and she's in a play that performs in a few weeks. Life is pretty full in our Arts High School right now.

Here's a link to an incredible drawing book from 1913.


Traci said...

Great picture! Sounds like a busy schedule. I just had to get onto my husband about our educational philosophy! Emma said she wanted to knit when she got up in the morning. He said to her, after your school work. I reminded him that it was part of her school work! I love unschooling!

Unknown said...

It sounds like a busy time but so rewarding.

G.Dowell said...

Thanks for the NOVA video link. I've been there before, but had forgotten about it. If this Mom (me) could just get more organized, she'd be dangerous.

Good to see you back blog friend!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very busy but in a good way. I've got my arts middle school revving up, too.

Lilly said...

Very exciting happenings at the homestead! Your kids are so blessed to have you as their Mom!
(GO MEG!!!!!!!!!!!)

Mindy said...

That is such a terrifc pic of your beautiful girl. Sounds like you guys are off to a great start for an exciting new year!

Karen said...

Thanks for the NOVA link - you always steer us in the right direction!

Happy New Year,

Anonymous said...

Very nice head shot! I wish her the best.

Letitia said...

It definitely is. You are blessed to be in an area where there are so many drama opportunities. Wish we had those!
A beautiful picture.

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