December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This picture was taken last weekend after a Christmas musical, written and directed by my husband. It was beautiful. A local church asked him to compose it specifically for their choir.

Peter is home from college. It's been great having him around, even though he had to be gone most of the first week working spotlights at our favorite theater. But he needed a little cash, so this helped. Then when that job ended, he had the flu for a few days. Nova kept him entertained while he recovered. He said it was great to be on break and have time to learn things--spoken like a true unschooler. He had four classes last quarter and got all A's except for one class where the teacher hasn't posted the grades yet.

Melissa, my first term public school freshman also got straight A's! Good for her. I feel very strongly that if she is going to "play the school game," she has to play to win. There's no sense blowing off school and ruining your chances at a good college. If she doesn't want to play the school game, she doesn't have to. She has options; she can always come back to homeschooling. I tell her it's like basketball (her current obsession): Why would a coach let you on the court if you don't do your best and play to win? I'd be glad to sideline you anytime. :) Last fall she really wanted to go to Mexico to stay with friends who are running a children's home. Those plans fell through on their end, but we have another opportunity in June. She may spend a good part of the summer down there.

Meg is eagerly awaiting auditions for at least three theaters coming in January. She also wants to go to Texas to visit friends.

Me? I'm back to my knitting frenzy. I just love knitting, and cold weather means I can huddle around the fireplace, get out my yarn, and create fun little things. So far I've done lots of those felted pouches, a scarf and a pair of socks. A friend got me a knitting book for Christmas and the kids gave me a gift certificate to an online yarn store. Life is good.


Unknown said...

Life does sound good. Happy New Year. Cathy

G.Dowell said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas with all your loved ones around! Have a great new year!

Gayle and fam.

Anonymous said...

All sounds very good chez vous. Happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, Jena! How wonderful to have all three of them doing so well and "blooming where they are planted!!" And it is finally getting cold enough around here to make my feet a little chilly, so if you get to going crazy with that new yarn and end up with some cozy slippers, I wouldn't turn 'em down!!! LOL! ;-)

Jena said...

Hi Everyone, thanks for your warm wishes. Topsy--great idea! Wouldn't that be fun to knit something for all my bloggy friends?! I'll have to give that some thought. :)

Unknown said...

It is great to come across your blog to see your children thriving and doing so well. My kids are only 7 and 10 so doubt still creeps in sometimes about how well they will do when they are older as my 2 adult kids went to public school. I am really enjoying reading your blog and sounds like you had a wonderful christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Years as well!

At A Hen's Pace said...

A blessed Christmastide and New Year to you all as well!

Love the pic of your family.


Traci said...

Love the family picture! So there is hope that my girls could grow taller than their mom?! I'm enjoying knitting right now too. I'm working on a shawl that came out of Spin-Off magazine using my very own handspun yarn.

Mindy said...

Happy New Year to you as well! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. You have inspired me in my home school journey!

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