November 7, 2008

Newsy Tidbits from our House

I've been neglecting my blog, so I'm going to be a little newsy to catch you up on what's going on around here. Last weekend we took a whirlwind trip to Chicago to see Peter. That was our first visit since moving him in. He looked great. I was so pleased to see him healthy, happy, and looking like the handsome college student that he is. :) He's dating a young lady, so we got to meet her and take them out to dinner in China Town. Yum! Driving around Chicago and looking for parking places reminded me why I like living in Smalltown, USA. But he loves it and is making the most of his opportunities in the big city: he recently navigated public transportation to see a production of Our Town, just our favorite play. I'm jealous! And on Tuesday night, he and his girl were among the ticket-holders at Obama's rally in Grant Park. As he waited in line, he called for election results, (ah, the beauty of cell phones) and we had fun looking for him on TV, but no luck. Also this week, Melissa, my public schooled freshman made the girls' basketball team. This is good because she loves team sports, but that means any extended time in Mexico will have to go on hold. She made the honor roll for the first quarter, earning a pass into every high school sporting event, and she got slugged in the face during PE yesterday. Yes, I learned of this as I drove her home from school. She didn't cry or even tell the teacher. She had two more classes until the day was over and thought she was fine. A football player hit her face instead of the big ball he was aiming for. She didn't pass out or anything, but during the next class she started to feel nauseous and couldn't focus on the board. During the next class a big headache came on. When I heard these symptoms, I called the doctor and he told us to go to the Emergency Room. So, a couple hours later, we were reassured that nothing was broken and she'll be fine, but watch for worsening symptoms. I'm just glad he missed her nose. It could have been much worse. Today she's not even bruised, but has a big headache. And Meg? As we look ahead to colleges she's interested in, we realize that she should be studying a foreign language unless she wants to take two years of it after high school. So she's decided Italian would be good for a singer and we found a great website from the BBC that teaches Italian, so she's starting with that. And today she's at an all-day choral festival with the high school. That's the latest from our world.


Letitia said...

Glad you got to visit your son, and that he is doing well. How is Mom doing?
Congratulations to your daughter making the team, and so glad she wasn't hurt worse.
Briana and I were just having the same discussion today about maybe having to put Disney off to do something else important to her. They're learning valuable lessons in these decisions.

Anonymous said...

My one experience to getting to and from U of C on public transport tells me that it isn't easy. Someone even told me the university fights to keep it that way (to keep the riff raff out, I guess) but I'm glad Peter figured out a way to get to where he needs to get. Public transit makes living in a big city less frustrating and costly. Glad he is doing well.

And Missa's high school experience sounds like it is going well, head bump and all. She sounds like a real sporty kid. I'm glad she made the team.

sgaissert said...

I'm so happy for your son and his exciting adventiures of late. I too knew people who were in Grant Park, but I didn't see them on TV either. Gee, wonder why? (chuckle)

By the way, Our Town is one of my favorite plays, too.

Karen said...

Hi Jena,
It's so nice to hear all your news! I'm jealous of Peter getting to go to Grant Park, but even watching on TV gave me a sense of the historic times we live in.
Thanks for the update, glad to hear all is well -

Jena said...

Letitia, I'm getting used to having Peter gone, though we do seem to either talk online or on the phone most every day.

Jove, I'm impressed he does the public transportation too. I guess now they have an online trip planner that gives you schedules and detailed info.

Susan, nice to know another Our Town fan. Peter said the production made the last act more realistic than the previous ones (like the mother cooking real bacon) and he thought that was very effective.

Karen, yes, I'm glad Peter got to be a part of all that. I of course was worried for his safety, but I was glad to hear that it was one of the most "eventless" event Chicago has ever had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all your recent family news! Dating already? Your eldest works fast!! How exciting to have gotten to be in Grant Park on election night. That is a quite a historic thing to be a part of! And Melissa is quite the tough cookie - - I'd have been bawling my eyes out if I'd been sacked by a football player. Glad she is OK! Tell Meg to beware - - those Italian men are heartbreakers!! ;-)
Blessings to allyour family...

Traci said...

Sounds like an, er, interesting week! The Chicago trip sounds fun! The ER visit, not so much!

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