September 16, 2008

Peter's Last Week at Home

OK, maybe that title's a little melodramatic, but now that I've had my big cry, I can lighten up. This past Saturday we had an open house graduation/going away party. We only had a small family group for his official graduation, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone with this open house. Having an old church sanctuary for a front yard sure makes it easy to give a party.

On Saturday morning Peter told me what to expect on the day we move him into college. I figured we'd drive his stuff up there, drop him off and say goodbye because I know they have a lot of things planned for the freshmen. But no, they have a full program for the families, culminating with a ceremony at Rockefeller Chapel. Peter says there is a speaker and then a procession of freshman, leaving the chapel to bagpipe music--and the families can't follow! Oh great! All I need is more separation drama! Well, at least I know ahead of time. I'd hate to have that sprung on me at the last minute.

What else happened last Saturday? Meg took the ACT. It's only the beginning of her junior year, but she wants to get it over with and have plenty of time to retake it if she wants. That's one good thing about the ACT. You can take it as many times as you want and you get to choose which score to send to colleges. That's Peter below, giving her some tips on how to take the test. Notice how he's smiling and she's scowling.


Heather said...

Glad you all are all right. Sounds like a lot going on right now. Prayign for peace. :)

Karen said...

Good luck with this, Jena, we are a long way from college but I still feel your pain -

Traci said...

I would need a head's up on that one! Glad he gave you one! Even knowing that I'd pack some tissues!

Unknown said...

I love that he knew you well enough to let you know ahead of time what to expect. Cathy

G.Dowell said...

I think I would be scowling too, if I had to take the ACT again. Kayla has been studying a little from a guide book. We thought we would start early.

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