August 15, 2008

Calvin Needs Interest-led Learning

Dad: Calvin, your mom and I looked over your report card, and we think you could be doing better.

Calvin: But I don't like school.

Dad: Why not? You like to read and you like to learn. I know you do. I mean you've read every dinosaur book ever written, and you've learned a lot, right? Reading and learning are fun.

Calvin (thoughtfully): Yeah.

Dad: So why don't you like school?

Calvin: We don't read about dinosaurs.

from The Indispensable Calvin And Hobbes


Karen said...

He sure does need interest-led learning! Luke, my 8-year-old, learned to read from Calvin and Hobbes. Not only that but he learned so much from those books, like that it's okay to be a small boy who doesn't always want to do what the grown-ups want him to do.
Thanks for this post -

Heather said...

I know so many kids who have learned to read from Calvin and Hobbes. And Calvin and Hobbes was what finally convinced my kids that public school my not be so fun .

Anonymous said...

My oldest daughter learned to read reading Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin would have made a rockin' unschooler.

Knittingmama said...

My oldest son loves Calvin and Hobbes. He will come out with the funniest comments from the books. Calvin is such a great kid - interested in playing outside for hours and not interested in sitting in school for no good reason. May he be the model for unschoolers everywhere!

Jena said...

Melissa told me something that happened at the public school and I told her she's "stepped into Calvin and Hobbes." She smiles and agrees. Calvin does a great job at making all my education points for me. :)

Anonymous said...

There's an opportunity for some great fan-fic there. Anyone's kids into drawing comics? They could do some panels of Calvin being homeschooled!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love Calvin and Hobbes!

My most recent entry on my blog is somehow related, I think.

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