May 3, 2008

How to Knit Eastern European Style

My son is a budding film artist, so I asked him to video me demonstrating Eastern European knitting. I show how the stitch orientation is different from Continental and English style along with demonstrating Eastern European knit and purl. Just remember, even though it seems you are twisting stitches, everything turns out right in the end.

Here's what we came up with. Let me know what you think.

Filming in front of a chair covered with a black cloth. Thanks Peter!

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Jenny said...

hi Jena, you are awesome. I am also a knitter (lifelong) and a homeschooler (just starting out.)

Once i realized that I am an "Eastern European knitter" ( I am Greek/Albanian, taught by mama and grandma), I am obsessed with learning about all the methods of knitting. I really enjoyed your video, and was so pleased to read about your homeschooling love and education philosophy!

Take care and God Bless! -jenny

Dovile said...

I'm a native Eastern European, and that's almost the same way as my mom taught me to knit, except one difference: when you take the thread with the needle, you hook it from below, and then pull it through the loop. This way is a bit difficult to keep the thread from slipping off (unless you'd use afghan needles that have hooks on their ends).

Try hooking the thread from above (simply position the right needle above the thread, not below), and then pull it through the loop. It's faster, and the yarn slips off the needles less.

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