April 22, 2008

Ah...spring in Central Illinois. The trees are budding, the lilac bushes are heavy laden. I can walk throughout the building and enjoy even temperatures. Usually the living room and the office are heated, but the laundry room, the bathrooms, and anywhere upstairs or downstairs are freezing cold! We have gas logs that we turn off and on based on how long you'll be in that room. But no more!! Tis the season of lower heating bills and fresh air...


Anonymous said...

Ms. Jena, that is a lovely picture with a wonderful contrast of colors between the pink/purple flowers and the wonderful blue sky. Was that today (Monday?) if so I'm quite jealous since we have had a grey and dismal day.
Thanks for sharing!
ps I know I'm not anonymous..but I don't think those other things apply to me.

Jena said...

If you can believe it we had an ice shower today along with sunshine and clouds. That fun, unpredictable spring weather. The picture was taken a few days ago.

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